Waste Management of Western Macedonia (DIADYMA SA) was founded in 1998 and is the Waste Management Agency (FODSA) of the Region of Western Macedonia


The main object of the company is the design, implementation, and operation of the regional Integrated Waste Management System (IWMS) of Western Macedonia, with the implementation of sustainable management methods, to achieve the objectives of National and European legislation, minimizing the cost for the citizens.



First Report

The first report on the need to establish a Waste Management Company in Western Macedonia, is made simultaneously with the approval of the first Regional Integrated Waste Management Plan (IACS) by the Regional Council on 3/2/1997.


In May 1998 (Government Gazette 2506 / 18-5-1998) the Societe Anonyme of Waste Management of Western Macedonia was established, with the distinctive title DIADYMA. SA, with the participation of the 61 "Kapodistrian" Municipalities and Communities of the region, constituting one of the largest inter-municipal collaborations in the country

Commencement of the Implementation of the IWMS

In December of the year, the financing of 13 million euros from the Cohesion Fund for the projects of the first phase of IWMS was secured.

Commencement of the operation of the IWMS

In July 2005, all the facilities of the IWMS were put into full operation. A centrifugal system consisting of 10 regional Local Waste Management Units (LWMU’s) and a Central Facility of Waste Management (CFWM). All the waste was led to landfill while at the same time the operation of 207 Uncontrolled Dumpsites (UD) was stopped.

First lead in Greece

The first lead in Greece for Western Macedonia is recorded, as at the end of 2007 all the restoration works of 207 Uncontrolled dumpsites were completed, making the region the first in the country to be freed from the disgrace of uncontrolled dumpsites.
The process for the implementation of the Waste Treatment Plant (MBT) with the provisions of the Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) starts in March

Sorting at Source

The implementation of Sorting at Source programs (SaS) for the four streams of packaging materials (paper, plastic, metals, glass) begins, with a separate bin for each of them.

The Partnership Agreement (PA) is signed

On June 10, the Partnership Agreement is signed between DIADYMA SA and EPADYM SA for the implementation of the Waste Treatment Plant.

We change habits

The first Sorting at Source pilot programs for biowaste and frying oils streams begin.

The End of Landfill

The end of the Landfill in Western Macedonia is a fact. On June 10 - exactly two years after the signing of the PA - the commercial operation of the MBT plant begins. Western Macedonia records the second lead since it is the only region in Greece that treats all the Municipal Solid Waste generated.


Western Macedonia is entering the era of reuse. The operation of Reuse Centers (RC) in Kastoria and Florina begins, and in Grevena, Kozani and Ptolemaida will begin soon.


The shareholders of the Company today are the 13 Municipalities of the Region of Western Macedonia - Amynteo, Argos Orestiko, Velvento, Voio, Grevena, Deskati, Eordaia, Kastoria, Kozani Nestorio, Prespa, Serbia & Florina.

The Share Capital of DIADYMA SA corresponds to 22,500 shares, which are distributed to the Municipalities as follows,

Argos Orestiko9364,16


Board of Directors

The company is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors (BoD), which is elected by the members of the General Meeting of Shareholders.

The seven-member Board of Directors of the company - as it emerged with the no. 1/50/2024 Decision of the General Meeting of shareholders on the election of the members of the Board of Directors and the no. 1/341/2024 Decision of the Board of Directors on the composition of the Board of Directors, are: