At the Integrated Waste Management Central Facilities (IWMCF) are the infrastructures of the IWMS where the final treatment and disposal of all the waste coming from the LWMU takes place. At the same time, there is the possibility to receive waste directly either from the Municipalities or from Individuals.

The IWMCF are developed in an area of 830 acres which since 2015 belongs to the ownership of DIADYMA.

Within the IWMCF are:

  • The Mechanical and Biological Treatment plant (MBT)
  • The landfill for the disposal of waste resulting from conventional waste treatment processes in the MBT
  • The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) which serves the needs of the MBT and the landfill’s
  • The administration building of WTP that includes a multipurpose room for information and education needs
  • The landfill (A’, B’, and C’ cells- in operation only the C’ cell) for the disposal of waste that cannot or is not allowed to be directed to the MBT, as well as residues resulting from the treatment processes non-conventional waste in the MBT.
  • The Recyclable Materials Sorting Center (RMSC) for the processing of recyclable packaging materials derived from separation at source
  • The storage tank of Oil Waste (OW)
  • The infrastructure for the bulky waste management
  • The Biogas Energy Utilization Unit that comes from the A’ and B’ cells of the landfill
  • The Drainage Processing Unit (DPU) that serves the other needs of IWMCF except MBT and residues landfill from MBT
  • The subsoil disposal of treated wastewater
  • The administration building of IWMCF
  • Maintenance infrastructure of mobile and other mechanical equipment
  • Warehouse

Coordinates: ΕΓΣΑ87: Χ: 314.881, Υ: 4.480.180
Geographic coordinates: (WGS84): λ: 21ο 49' 7.05", φ: 40Ο 27' 15.44"
Geographic coordinates: (WGS84 decades): λ: 21.81862430964, φ: 40.454288779836

ΑΔΑ ΑΕΠΟ : 6ΘΥ50-ΤΞΦ (2014), 6ΧΠΕ4653Π8-Φ9Ο (2017), 6ΡΤΨ4653Π8-16Χ (2019)

Installation Registry Number of WRM: 4234-12 (RMSC), 4234-13 (landfill), 4234-14 (bulky waste shredding), 4234-15 (residues landfill from MBT), 4234-16 (MBT), 4234-17 (Asbestos waste storage), 4234-18 (Oil Waste Storage)