Industrial Waste Management Area

The Industrial Waste Management Area (IWMA) occupies an area of approximately 260 acres and is located inside the paid lignite mines of Ptolemaida and specifically in the Kardia mine. Competent body from the beginning of the project (2005) until the first half of 2015 was PPC SA and specifically the Ptolemaida Power Plant branch. From the second half of 2015, according to no. 37244 / 5-6-15 real estate transfer contract, the operation and management of IWMA occurs in the Waste Management of Western Macedonia (DIADYMA SA).

The operation of the site is governed by the Approval of Environmental Terms with the No. 124528 / 07.05.2004 of Joint Ministerial Decision, “Approval of environmental conditions for the management of industrial waste in the area of lignite mines of PPC SA", which was renewed with the No. 129022 / 10.08.2010 Joint Ministerial Decision.

During the period 2004-2008, approximately 17,770 tons of asbestos cement waste (17 06 05) were transported and deposited in the IWMA of Kardia and in particular in cells K1-K5. All 5 cells in which asbestos cement was placed have been filled and their final sealing has been completed.

Coordinates: ΕΓΣΑ87: Χ: 313.127, Υ: 4.481.640

Geographic coordinates: (WGS84): λ: 21ο 49' 7.05", φ: 40Ο 27' 15.44"ο 47' 51.09", φ: 40Ο 28' 1.34"

Geographical coordinates (WGS84 Decimal): λ: 21.797524216956, φ: 40.467040133247

Permit for approval of environmental conditions: Joint Ministerial Decision 124528/7-5-2004, Joint Ministerial Decision 129022/10-8-2010