Mixed Municipal Solid Waste Management

Mixed Municipal Solid Waste Management

The mechanical collection of the mixed Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is the responsibility of the cleaning service of each Municipality and is done according to the needs of each area, based on a program and according to the cleaning regulation. DIADYMA provides support services in the collection of mixed MSW and the cleaning / street cleaning of common areas in its shareholder Municipalities. With its own fleet of garbage trucks and its specialized staff, it undertakes to support the municipal cleaning services, which face serious problems of lack of staff and / or vehicles, in the execution of mixed waste collection routes on a regular or seasonal basis.

The collected mixed MSW are delivered by the Municipalities to the 10 Local Waste Management Units (LWMUs), which include the transshipment infrastructure of mixed MSW (as well as recyclable, bulky, WEEE, green waste, biowaste). The transshipment is done directly from the municipal garbage truck to mobile systems - semi-trailers with integrated compression system. The mixed MSW are transported for processing to the Mechanical & Biological Treatment Unit (MBT).

The Mechanical & Biological Treatment Unit is located within the Integrated Waste Management Central Facilities (IWMCF) and includes:

a) Reception unit for mixed municipal waste
b) Mechanical & Manual Sorting Unit
c) Biological Treatment Unit
e) Refining Unit
f) Temporary storage space for products
g) Other facilities – infrastructure

The following table shows an indicative mass balance of ACE products, from the processing of mixed MSW.

Components of products of MBT, %
Losses of Volatile Solids - Moisture and Liquid waste to be treated in Mechanical Treatment of Liquid Waste30,62%
Residues to landfill33,33%

The unusable residues of MBT in the present phase are end up to landfill. The recovered materials are promoted for recycling - utilization, while the produced compost is used as a soil conditioner in soil and quarry restorations.