Landfill Biogas Energy Utilization Unit

With the filling of the cells (A and B), DIADYMA proceeded to the announcement of a tender for the construction and operation of the Energy Utilization Unit. A contract has been signed for the “Provision of the services for the implementation and exploitation of biogas in the landfill of Western Macedonia for the production of electricity” the project has received the required connection offer from the HEDNO, and it is in the implementation phase.

It includes the connection of the horizontal biogas collection network and the transfer of the collected biogas to the energy recovery unit.

Electromechanical devices consist of:

a) Biogas analysis system

b) Biogas dehumidifier

c) Biogas compression unit

d) Biogas combustion unit

In addition, the following are provided:

a) Transformer control and installation housing

b) Construction of an overhead line connecting to the existing electricity network.

The construction of the biogas energy utilization unit will be done in phases. In the first phase, the utilization of the produced biogas of the A and B cells is foreseen after the completion of their filling and restoration works. For the utilization of biogas of cells A and B, which is estimated at 1 MW of installed capacity, electric power generation machines of appropriate nominal power each will be installed.