BIO-EN-AREA: Evaluation of biomass resources for municipalities

BIO-EN-AREA: Evaluation of biomass resources for municipalities






Project Partners:

1. Regional Entity of Energy of Castilla y Leon (Spain)
2. Region of Western Macedonia (Greece)
3. Autonomous Province of Trento, Division for Energy Planning and Incentives (Italy)
4. Kosice Self-Governing Region (Slovakia)
5. Tipperary Country Council (Ireland)
6. Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden (Sweden)
7. Tartu Regional Energy Agency (Estonia)


Start: 01/01/2010

End: 30/06/2013


The BIO-EN-AREA project aims at exchanging and transferring experiences among partners in order to increase their capacities to favour and optimize the use of bioenergy.
The major objective is to improve regional policies for bioenergy, and help partners to draft or implement their Regional Biomass Action Plan, as the main expected result and operational objective.
Another major objective, as expected result and/or impact of the elaborated methodology for regional biomass action plans is to support some areas becoming good examples of sustainable development of bioenergy at territorial level.
The EBIMUN refers to the evaluation of the potentials that result from the quantities of various organic wastes, such as sewage sludge, crop pruning, organic residues, etc.

DIADYMA’s role:

Aiming at the improvement of the bioenergy promotion policies and informing the local communities, citizens, businesses and the local authorities about the potential arising from the use of biofuels locally, DIADYMA participates in the recording of the biomass and bioenergy potential in the area of Western Macedonia. The exact knowledge of the bioenergy potential in each region allows the optimum decision making, concerning its exploitation regionally, according to financial and technical criteria.



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