Joint waste prevention plans and promotion of recycling


Joint waste prevention plans and promotion of recycling



INTERREG IPA CBC Programme “Greece – Albania 2007 – 2013”



Project Partners:

1. Waste Management of Western Macedonia SA (Greece)
2. Regional Council of Gjirokaster (Albania)
3. Agricultural University of Tiran/Dept of Agro-Environmental Science and Ecology (Albania)


Start: 01/04/2012

End: 31/05/2014


The primary goal of the LESS WASTE project was to increase recycling rates in the cross-border area and to promote waste prevention. The sub-objectives of the project were the following: 1) Informing the public about waste prevention and recycling. Actions were planned at the local level to demonstrate how recyclable materials are disposed of and organic waste is reused. At regional level, local authorities were informed about waste prevention and recycling methodologies. 2) Evaluation of the current situation in the production of waste in the Municipalities of Nestorio and Prespa as well as in Argyrokastro. 3) Increase recycling rates and promote the prevention of their production with actions that included the supply of equipment, namely recycling bins and composting at home, as well as studies on the organization of the collection of recyclable materials.

DIADYMA’s role:

Assessment of current situation and a study for the waste management of recyclables in the cross-border area. Report with geographical, environmental & waste generation data in Prespa and Nestorio. Set up a local waste prevention plan for Nestorio and Prespa. Educational seminars were hold in schools, training sessions for municipal staff and workshops to demonstrate and promote home-composting. Finally, reports of assessment and SWOT analysis of waste management in the wider region of Nestorio and Prespa.



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