Modelling Tool for Giving Value to agri-food Residual Streams in Bio-based Industries


Modelling Tool for Giving Value to agri-food Residual Streams in Bio-based Industries



HORIZON 2020 - Project ID: 887191



Project Partners:

1. Asociacion Centro Tecnologico CEIT-IK4 (Spain)
2. Waste Management of Western Macedonia SA (Greece)
3. Cluster of Bioenergy and Environment of Western Macedonia (Greece)
4. Asociacion para la Investigacion Desarrollo e Innovacion del Sector Agroalimentario- AIDISA (Spain)
5. Universidad de Navarra (Spain)
6. Stichting Wagenningen Research (Netherlands)
7. Celabor SCRL (Belgium)
8. Asociacion Cluster Food +I (Spain)
9. Flanders’ Food (Belgium)
10. Iznab Spolka z Ograniczona Odpowiedzialnoscia (Poland)
11. European Science Communication Institude (ESCI) GGMBH (Germany)


Start: 01/05/2020

End: 30/04/2023


The main project objective is to develop and validate at a relevant environment, the MODEL2BIO Decision Support System tool. This will be an innovative concept that using predictive models, will estimate i) the agri-food industry residual streams composition (considering the seasonality, territorial features and origin); ii) the best recommended ways for valorising it. These recommendations will be made under a holistic perspective (technical, economic, environmental and social), with the prioritisation of the valorisation possibilities through technical and economic criteria and the final decision through holistic criteria. This innovative tool is based on the interconnection of three complementary elements: Simulation module, Optimisation algorithm and the LCA module.

DIADYMA’s role:

DIADYMA’s role in MODEL2BIO is to act as an end-user and include the tool into their processes. Relative actions include:
• Adaptation of internal process with new tool.
• Use of biowaste management facilities (Green Spots), to assist the bio-based companies to further exploit their wastes and sub-products.
• Cooperation with European Clusters.
• Acquisition of knowledge and networking with stakeholders via specially organized surveys for bio-industries and industries in the agri-food sector.
• Gain visibility at European level and promotion of Circular Economy idea and spirit.
• Implementation of the Biowaste Management Plan of the Region.




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