Recycling and Material Recovery: Regional Environmental Management Capacity and Infrastructure

Recycling and Material Recovery: Regional Environmental Management Capacity and Infrastructure



INTERREG IIIA, Greece-Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia



Project Partners:

1. Waste Management of Western Macedonia SA (Greece)
2. Regional Enterprise Support Centre Bitola RCBT (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)


Start: 01/12/2007

End: 31/12/2008


The action related to the wider problem of poor environmental management structures observed in the cross-border region Greece and FYROM and particularly insufficient waste management. It treated waste management not only as a source of costs for local administration and within narrowly focused technical solutions, but also as an opportunity for wider environmental and socio – economic benefits. Specifically, the construction of a Local Recycling Facility (LRF) in Florina took place as well as the survey and development of the market for recovered material and recyclables at the region of Bitola was implemented.
The development and successful operation of the IWMS in Western Macedonia attracted the attention of the neighboring authorities at the region of Bitola. Waste management projects implemented in the South West of FYROM were fragmented and local in scope, not providing solutions that are cost – effective and sustainable. Under the current action, the partner RCBT was responsible for a) providing an assessment of the current waste management situation at the Region of Bitola, including waste statistics, legislation, concurrent projects, existing and planned infrastructure and b) conducting studies and creating databases on the market for covered material, covering the shape of the market, number of producers, existing and potential demand for recovered materials, cost of treatment.

DIADYMA’s role:

The action of Diadyma included the following:
• mechanical separation for recovered material, complementing the existing separation –at –source programmes in Florina and maximizing the recovery quota of the total recyclable waste
• screening of waste streams, providing informed data for the quantity and the quality of waste produced in the Region
• transferring and transporting of collected recyclable materials, according to the proximity principle and minimizing the cost of the final product. Through this project, DIADYMA proceeded to the constuction of the Recycling Building within the Local Waste Management Unit of Florina.




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