Integrated innovative pilot management of frying oils with the participation of citizens and students

Integrated innovative pilot management of frying oils with the participation of citizens and students



Financing Program "NATURAL ENVIRONMENT & INNOVATIVE ACTIONS 2019" of the Green Fund



Project Partners:

1. Bioeconomy and Environment Cluster of Western Macedonia (CluBE)
2. Waste Management of Western Macedonia SA (TWO)
3. Municipality of Kozani


Start: 18/05/2020

End: 31/08/2022


The In2UCO project concerns the integrated and innovative separate collection and management of used oils - household waste oils and fats (Used Cooking Oils - UCOs) for their utilization. The separate collection and management of this type of waste is mandatory for all the Municipalities of the Region of Western Macedonia based on the National Waste Management Plan but also based on the harmonized Regional Waste Management Plan but also in the current national and community legislation 42/2012 (N. Road 2008/98 / EC) and in particular the obligations for the management of Biological Waste (Bio-Waste). Also, this obligation regarding the Municipality of Kozani is mentioned in the Local Waste Management Plan. Waste edible oils and fats are classified according to the European Waste Catalog (EWC) of Decision 2014/955 / EC, code 20 01 25 (edible oils and fats, separately collected, from municipal municipal waste and similar waste from commercial activities) , industries and institutions).

DIADYMA’s role:

DIADYMA participates as an external partner of CluBE, and will undertake the emptying of the machines and the collection of oils and fats in order to utilize them and in combination with the pilot project that is running for a separate collection of frying oils in orange buckets of Kozani, will give the collected frying oils in an authorized company for the production of biodiesel. DIADYMA will be responsible for the maintenance of the machines and monitoring their proper operation, as well as the cleaning of the containers and their repositioning in the machines. It will also undertake informational activities for students, presentations of educational content related to the environmental impact of the project that will be carried out in all schools of the Municipality, Primary and Secondary Education, which will be interested and will accept to be informed after a relevant invitation will be sent to them. Furthermore, the actions of DIADYMA include a study for the development of the system in full implementation for the Municipality of Kozani and for the Region of Western Macedonia.



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